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February 18, 2010
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Setting up own Name Servers (NS) in Plesk

This article will be of particular interest to customers with Plesk Reseller Plans, Plesk VPS and Plesk Dedicated Servers.
In this example we are assuming your domain is called

1. Request 2 IP’s for Namservers

2. Go to your domain name registrar and register the nameservers. Example:


3. Add A records for your nameserver

* NS
* NS ns2.
* A
* A
* A
* A
* A
* mail. A
* www. CNAME
* MX 10

4. DNS Template

* <domain> NS
* <domain> NS
* <domain> A <ip>
* webmail.<domain> A <ip>
* ftp.<domain> A <domain>
* mail.<domain> A <domain>
* <domain>. MX 10 mail. <domain>.
* <ip>/24 PTR <domain>
Note the www CNAME is automatically added by Plesk

It is better to setup the template before adding lots sites to your server or reseller plan, because then your dns for all sites will automatically have the correct settings for your nameservers.

We will be adding screenshots for this in the VERY near future

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